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Grant Lancaster’s love for two wheels started with four in the form of his Mazda RX-7, spending his young teenage nights learning how to drift on the winding mountain roads of Northern California.  


All things in life are connected, so it was only natural that motorcycles found their way into his heart. Starry eyed, any time young Grant saw a motorcycle he’d ask his mom if he could buy one, to which his mom would reply, “Of course you can, my dear, on the way back from my funeral.” It was then the answer became clear, he was getting a motorcycle, and not telling mom. The rest was history.


2013, the itch got itchier, only to be scratched by track days with Team Promotion Sportbike Club. On his first day, he met the man who would later go on to become his racing mentor and friend, Glen Goldman. From 2013 to 2018 he naturally progressed; he absorbed information and put it into action through trial and error. He was committed, he became faster while perfecting technique and growing into a respectful rider. Toward the end of the 2018 season, with a nudge from his peers, he got his racing license.  


With much anticipation, the 2019 CCS Racing season rolled around, and from his first race snagged a podium finish. His first words upon returning to the paddock being, “shit” and “holy”, not in that order. He was hooked, and set his sights on the Rookies Cup Challenge, which pairs all first-year racers in a single championship. He was dedicated, he made sacrifices and worked hard to eventually earn two overall championship titles: 1st Place overall in the Rookies Cup Challenge for both Atlantic, and Mid-Atlantic regions.

In 2021, it was game on. With an incredible team from Bauce Racing, his Team Principle Sarah Aiosa and Crew Chief Anthony Corbo, we completed 14 rounds from the Midwest to Florida to New Hampshire and everywhere in between, securing 22 Regional Championships, ending the season with 5 National Championships at the famous Daytona Speedway.


He continues to be inspired by the widely applicable lessons and mindsets of racing, and by the supportive and dynamic community it rests within.



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